Fright night with Viper

Ssssalutations and happy Halloween to you!

I musssst say that Halloween is my favourite ssssspecial occasion. Yesssss, it’s true. Of course, I love dresssssssing up as a vampire (my fangsss come in handy) and I love counting lolliessss (as The Count haha), but mossssssst of all, I love all the sssssscary creatures.

You see, sssssssnakes don’t seem so ssssscary compared to ghosts and ghouls and zombiesssss! Not that ssssssnakes really are ssssscary. Humanssss are the sssssscary ones – ssssstomping and clomping all over the place!

Now, I’d better get back to counting ghost dropsss and licking lollipopssss!

Into the night, I sssslither…..