Australia Day With Al


In case you’ve been hiding under a cane toad, I’m here to remind you that it’s Australia Day. That means we get to celebrate everything that’s awesome about Oz! The bush, the beach and you beaut critters!

Australia is home to some awesome animals that don’t hang out anywhere else on Earth. I’m thinkin’ koalas, kangaroos, wombats, dingoes, echidnas and that shy little mate, the platypus.

It’s also home to another crazy species – the Australian. Also called ‘humans’ you guys might not be green, but you’re still great. And some of you even eat Vegemite. Which makes you salty, like me!

Anyway, here’s to a fun day with your fam and mates. Take some happy snaps, hit the beach or boot up the barbie (that’s a barbecue, NOT ya sister’s doll!) Whatever you’re doin’, I hope your Australia Day is a ripper!

See ya later crocodiles (’cos alligators aren’t Australian!),