16 ways to host a puppy party

To celebrate Zoolu’s birthday, the Z-crew threw a woof-tastic puppy party. Here are 16 ingredients for the best dog party ever!


Dogs love chasing sticks and digging holes, but this party was all about…

PIN THE TAIL ON THE PUPPY: Thanks to Delight Paperie for this dog-tastic download!

MUSICAL DOGS (aka musical statues): Combine a puppy play-list and some barking mad dance moves for this fun game. ‘Roar’ by Katy Perry and ‘Who Let The Dogs’ out by the Baha Men were the biggest hits!

THE HOUND DOG HUNT: We hid dog lollipops here, there and everywhere, then got the pups on the case!

And ZOOLU CARD GAME: Playing Zoolu was tons of fun and it’s a great kids’ birthday gift too. Fur-real!


Where there are games, there are prizes and five lucky duckies (oops, doggies) won their own pup plush and a certificate of adoption.

Puppy photo booth

Then it was time to say “cheese!” The kids got doggy ears and tails as their party favours, then piled into our DIY dog kennel for a happy snap. Upcycled from a flatscreen TV box, coloured paper and a LOT of masking tape, The Woof-maker 3000 was fun for all pups great and small!

Dog food

When it came to the food, kibble was not on the menu! Little pups need yummy stuff, so we dished up some of our pet faves (fit for human consumption):


CHEESE BONES: Plain flour, butter, grated cheese and a dash of water makes these scrumptious Scooby snacks.

PUPPY CRACKLES: We gave the classic chocolate crackles recipe a dotty flavour! To make your own dalmatian-themed treats, see here.



Plus, PAW-TATO CHIPS, MEATY BITES (sausage rolls) and STICKS (pretzels). All decked out with DIY party food tags, of course, because life is better with a puppy print!


A cake day isn’t a cake day without cake! And thanks to Buttercups, the crew chowed down on two deliciously dotty puppy cakes. Yum!


What do 101 dalmatians do with their cake plates and crackle cases? Well, they stick their rubbish in the doggy litter bin, of course!

And with that, all good things must come to an end. We had a paw-some time at our Zoolu puppy party and hope you’re inspired to host your own doggy do!