A monster banquet

Grrrrrr-eetings from Kung’s kitchen!

Halloween is a frightfully fun event, and this year we celebrated with a truly spooktacular party. Feast your eyes upon… THE ZOOLU HALLOWEEN BANQUET!

SPIDER SNOT POPCORN: Eight times as green as normal popcorn!

MR BONES: The cheese straw skeleton that dances off the table into tummies
BATTY BROOMSTICKS: Magicked up from pretzels, chives and cheese
BOWL O’ BLOOD: Also known as tomato sauce, this one is a dipper for spooky delights
YUMMY MUMMY CUPCAKES: For the sweet tooth… errr… fang
SCARY BREAD: Fairy bread dyed green to terrify tiny tongues
EERIE EYEBALLS AND PUMPKIN HEADS: Bite-sized snacks for choccie monsters
WATERMELON WITCHES HATS: “Abracadabra crush, turn this snack into mush!”

Plus… ZOMBIE FINGERS (spring rolls) and MONSTER MUNCHIES (party pies).

And to drink… A cauldron full of SPIDER CIDER, BATS BREW, BONE JUICE and ZOMBIE TONIC (soda and soft drink)!

Then for the truuuuly scary part – empty plates. Arrghhhhh!
Food so fine could never last forever (unlike vampires), so once the feast was finished, the Zoolu crew devoured some party games instead.

We played…

MUSICAL GHOULS: Musical Islands with ghosts…
PASS THE MUMMY: Pass The Parcel with bandages…
And DARE TO DIP: A mystery box with creepy crawlies…
Mwahahahaha! And happy Halloween to you allllll…