A royal rabbit

Oh gosh! My apologies for taking so long to say “hello”. I have been simply flat-chat, what with all the digging! You see the palace is undergoing renovations and I’ve been lending a paw with the excavations.

In layperson’s language, that means I have been digging lots and lots of new tunnels for rabbits to stay in. The old ones were, well, old and these new burrows don’t have a whiff of spiderweb dust. Which is just as well, because it’s terribly tickly on the nose.

Oh, and I can’t fib. I have also been eating lots and lots of carrots. I simply love them! Mother scolds me so. She insists that carrots are for the common rabbits and that I’d be far more suited to an aperitif of parsnips, but as I always say, “a carrot a day, keeps the veterinarian away” and they do taste scrummy!

Golly, is that the time?! I had better dust off my crown and meet Mother in the banquet tunnel for dinner. Parsnips again, I expect!

Farewell for now,