Bananas on the brain!

Hello young whippersnappers!

My name is Nana and I might be old but I’m hip to the jib! Or hip to something…

Ah yes, back in my day, there wasn’t any Internet. We’d just put a banana on our head for entertainment – in fact I still do! There’s nothing more entertaining than a banana on your head…

Nowadays, though, I’m a thoroughly modern monkey. Or should I say, orangutan. You won’t catch Nana knitting or joining the Blue Rinse Brigade (I find orange so much more flattering….)

Instead, I spend my days watching Bananaman* on VHS**, and dunking banana bread in my tea***.

* This is a cartoon from the olden days. Bananaman is a superhero who gets his super strength from eating bananas.
** Also from the olden days. A VHS was a DVD in the shape of a big, black cassette tape. You don’t know what a cassette tape is?! Oh dear. We are in a pickle.
*** Ahah! Tea? You know tea, don’t you?! No, not ‘T’ for ‘Timbuctu’. Tea! Grown-ups drink it!!

Oh well, I also like visiting The Big Banana in Coffs Harbour, Australia. It’s a feast for the eyes. Even I couldn’t eat a banana this big (trust me, I tried, and between you and me, it’s not a real banana….)

Well, how about that! I’ve just noticed a banana ripening up… I must dash!