Cat on the case

Why hello there.

My code name is Kat, and I’m afraid there are only four people on Earth who know my real name – me, myself, I… and my mother.

I don’t like to boast, but I am the Sherlock Holmes of the animal world. Nothing gets past these whiskers and I’ve got a nose for trouble. I can sniff out a criminal from three cities away, and there isn’t one case I couldn’t solve.

The Mystery of the Rotten Tomato? It was the Bad Apple.

The Case of the Great Schoolbus Robbery? The Backseat Bandit did it.

The Disappearing Detective? Well, that was me, and some secrets stay secret.

Speaking of secrets, I work by night and I’m an undercover agent by day. That means I’m a housecat for a nice family out west. They keep the milk coming and don’t notice that I’m asleep all day (my sunglasses make it the purrrrfect crime).

I must dash, but if you have a case you’d like cracked or a mystery unwrapped, then here’s my card. It’s written in invisible ink. Just to make things… interesting. Like me.