Get messy with Bessie

Allo, allo, allo and how does your green grass grow? I’m Bessie and I’m a blue moo cow. Now cows ain’t often blue, so go on, have a closer look at my lovely blue hooves… Lean in, don’t be shy….


Hahahahahahahahahaha!!! You fell for it!!!

Ahahahahahahah!!! The old ‘milk in the eye’ trick!

Hahahahahahahahaha! Gets ’em every time!! Hahahahahahahahahah!

Ooooo I do like a good prank! Hahahahahahahha! You’re lucky it was the milk prank though – and not the butter in the shoe, or the flour in your shower, or the egg on your head trick. I do like a good prank. Haahahahahahahah!

Till next time….