Just jokin

Quiet! Eyes to the front and ears open.

First things first, my name is Ms Finn and I am Head Teacher at the Undersea Academy. You may not be familiar with the school, being oversea inhabitants, but I assure you, the Academy is incredibly well-renowned. I teach Finnish and Number-crunching, but my real skills lie in the Dramatic Arts. Stand-up Comedy most notably.

Here is a taste of my comedic talents:

Q: What is an octopus’ favourite number?
A: Eight!

Q: Why did the eel fall over?
A: He forgot to tie his shoelaces!

Q: What did the hook say to the fish?
A: Hello!

Hmmm…. I can’t hear you laughing. Strange.

You know, when students don’t laugh at my jokes, I get hungry.
Hungry and cross.


Or kindly pass me a seaweed sandwich.