Kung of the kitchen!

Grrrrr! Pleased to meat you. I am Kung. King of the kitchen. Ruler of the hotplate. Guardian of the freezer compartment.

I hold a black belt in kitchen karate, and if you don’t know what kitchen karate is, then do not fear. It is the art of slicing ingredients, dicing ingredients and whipping simple ingredients into magnificent feasts!

If you haven’t tasted my karate chops, then you haven’t lived! And my slice-cream will bring you to your knees! It’s full of sugar and spice and all things delicious. Like cream. Ah yessss, I am the big cat that got the cream.

A little warning though. My kitchen is my kingdom and it’s a jungle in here.

Enter at your own risk, because onions aren’t the only thing on the karate chopping block. My claws cut through coconuts like butter, my teeth shred six carrots a second, and I can make a salad in a single leap. Prepare to be amazed. And when the cook is on, stand clear.