Leader of the ratpack

Well hello there

Might I take a moment to introduce myself? My name is Rascal and I am the brains of the Zoolu crew, if I do say so myself.

My favourite pastimes are playing games and chomping cheese, with a micro-snooze in between (to rest the little greycells). To win a game is the sweetest thing, and cheese… ahhh… so yellow, so delicious… like a ray of sunshine between my teeth…

But I digress… playing games is my main pursuit and, between you and me, I’ll bend the rules a little to finish first. So keep one eye on me and one on your cards. Alternatively, take a look at that unicorn out the window….. Ahah! I do believe I made you look! You never can trust a card shark, I mean rat.

Fare thee well, I’ve a game to play without delay,