Ms Unpredictable

Hello good people, my name is Wanda
Do not confuse me with Wendy or Rhonda

There are three of me in a Zoolu Game,
But only one Wanda (it’s hard to explain).

I speak in rhyme almost all the time
(except when I decide I don’t like rhyming. At all. Hmph)

I’ll change my mood at the drop of a hat.
I’m a little of this and a little of that

One moment I’m happy, then terribly sad
Jumping for joy, or monstrously mad!

I’ll change my colour from orange to blue
Then flicker to green, white and pink too

I’d better be off, or should that be on?
First you see me, then I’m gone

The only thing that will never change
Is that this Wanda is slightly strange!

Goodbye, hello, goodbye,