Relax with Max

Sorry I’m late everyone. I was chilling in my room, picking lint out of my suckers and time kinda got away from me… Then it took agggges to actually get out of my room. There’s way too much stuff between me and the door. Hmmm… I should probably give it a clean, but there’s always something more interesting to do. Like watching seaweed grow. And squirting ink on things. And floating nowhere fast.

The squid next door said I’m “lazy”, but he’s just jealous because he hasn’t got a room as cool as mine. Did you know that octopi (that’s more than one octopus) live in dens on the sea floor? Squid live in the open ocean, so that dude next door probably just has house envy…

Anyway, I wouldn’t say I’m lazy exactly. Just reallllly good at relaxing. It’s quite a skill lying around all day. You should try it.

Okaaaay, I think there’s a bit more lint in my tentacles, so I’d better get onto that pronto. Well, some time between now and tomorrow.

Time to chill!