Reporting from Australia Zoo

G’day gang!

Big Al here, reporting from Australia Zoo. Now, if you wanna see crocs up-close – but not too close – then this is the place to come. This joint is heaving with salties and they ain’t small. Take this bloke for starters – he’s bigger than your family car and twice as snappy. He’s also a statue. Yep, the real reptiles didn’t want me stomping on their patch, but that’s just what crocs are like.

Did you know that in the wild, male salties are so territorial that they’ll force their kids out of the nest before they’ve even finished growing up? Sharing space just ain’t in their DNA.

They also swallow rocks to help digest their tucker and can stay underwater for an hour without catching their breath. Not me though! I like swallowing hamburgers and surfing on top of the wet stuff!

Anyway, each to their own and I might just shoot the breeze with this fella. He’s the quiet type haha!

See ya later, alligators