Singer, songwriter, muncher

Hey there, I’m Hetty the Hippo and that’s just a little song I’m working on. I call it a ‘track between snacks’ because there are two things I lurrrrve – music and mealtimes!

I’ll try most foods once (except pink marshmallows – yuck. They are just not right). My appetite gets me into trouble now and then, but you gotta do what your tastebuds tell you to do!

Yeah, once I ate Kung’s karate chops when he was halfway through serving them. Yeowch! The plate was a bit crunchy, but the meat was marvellous! I also ate Big Al’s surfboard… Too much salt on that one, and he got kinda snappy, but you never know till you have taste!

Anyway, I feel a snack coming on right about now. I’m gonna hum my way through a ham sandwich…. Or maybe eat the house. Hahah!

See ya round like a rissole!