Hello, hello, hello and hello! Pirate the Cracker here – I mean Pirate the Parrot – I’ve got crackers on the brain haha! Anyway, it’s great to have your company because I wanted to tell you a little story about a macaw called … hmm… actually, I didn’t catch his name ’cos I was too busy telling him about my favourite crackers…. Anyway, Bluey (let’s pretend that’s his name) was a bit on the quiet side but that didn’t matter ’cos it only takes one bird to talk about crackers. Turns out macaws eat nuts, fruit, flowers and seeds – but not pirate crackers ahah! Which is good news for me ’cos that leaves more biccies for this ol’ bird. On that topic, it’s time to get some crackers in my smackers – I mean beak. Squawk!!