Super silly superhero

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s a super giraffe! I mean, I am a super giraffe!

I am faster than a snail (well, faster than the usual snail – Zippy is an exception), stronger than garlic breath and more powerful than even more garlic breath.

I go by one name and one name only – CAPTAIN KAOS!

No doubt you’ve heard of my exploits, dear Earthling? Like tying all four shoelaces with my teeth (thank you, bendy neck!)? And using my super long tongue to eat three scoops of ice-cream in a single lick?

Ahhh, none of this would be possible without my super giraffe powers, but of course, my main talent lies in keeping Earth safe from evil. Like the time Anton the Ant got stuck in llama fur. You just can’t trust llamas.

Or the time someone ate Hetty’s last jellybean. It might have been Hetty…. OR it might have been a supervillain! And have they been back since I came on the scene? NO! No supervillains in sight! The merest sniff of Captain Kaos has sent them packing!

So remember – if you’re ever in a spot of bother, you know who to call: Captain Kaos. Up, up and hooray!