Zoolu shop open for business!

Hi everyone

Bella here with a celebirdy endorsement! I’m just back from a Tweet tour and the Zoolu crew have been super busy while I was away.

They’ve built their very own Zoolu shop. Yes, it’s so great and I love sitting at the counter  autographing copies of this brilliant card game!

Hammy says he did most of the building, but I think it was a group effort. Hammy just loves taking the credit tee hee.

Here’s how they did it:

They got some bits of wood and cut out all the shapes they needed. Ms Finn wanted to use her shark teeth, but they thought a saw might be better for cutting!

Then Big Al hammered everything in with his big, green crocodile muscles.

Next, Aimee the elephant used her trunk to paint the whole shop Zoolu yellow. She’s amazing with a trunk paintbrush!

Max the octopus painted a tiny bit of the back panel, then he said he was bored and went for a nap. Oh, Max…

So Slimy the frog jumped in to finish off the coloured bits. Thanks, Slimy!

Big Al hammered the back panel on and Aimee did some very special painting. She carefully wrote ‘ZOOLU’ on the counter. Wow – she really is amazing with that trunk!

And – yay – here’s the finished Zoolu shop! We’re open for business and you can get an autographed Zoolu game here. How cool!