Crikey, it’s a croc!

G’day, g’day and how ya doin’?

I’m Al. I’m a saltwater crocodile. And I look like an Aussie hamburger – big, built and beefy!

Salties are the largest reptile on Earth (true story). We get a bad rap for creeping around and eating things that don’t wanna get eaten, but I’m a nice saltie. Promise. I’d rather spend my time surfin’ big breaks, than lurkin’ in swamps.

Although, ya know, I could do both if I wanted. Saltwater crocs actually live in saltwater and fresh water, so a swamp would be alright, I guess. Except that swamps stink!

Ah well, time to throw another shrimp on the barbie (don’t tell Max the Octopus, he’s funny about seafood on the menu…) Then I might get some sand between me claws, and catch some monster waves. This is living, eh?!

Hang 10 cool kids,