Howdy pardners!

Zoolu family card game for kids

Wooooooo hoooooo and welcome to the world of Zoooooolu!!! It’s time to kick up your hooves and do a happy dance ’cos the Zoolu website is live and kickin’.

We’ll be bringing you regular Blog updates, so stay tuned for fun facts and jumpin’ jokes from the freakiest, cheekiest and zaniest critters on Earth.

Anyway, enough about the rest of the Zoolu crew. I’m Zane. I’m a Zebra. My favourite letter is Z. And my favourite number is one zillion. My fave colour is pink (’cos there’s no such colour as zink. If there was, my fave colour would definitely be zink…)

Guess what! Every zebra has a different stripe pattern, like your fingerprints. So, see if you can find me in this family photo. Clue 1: I don’t have stripes on my forehead. Clue 2: I’m the pink one! Hah!

 Anyway, it’s been fun, but now I’ve gotta zip off to play Zoolu. Then I’m gonna catch some ZZZZs (not really, I just like saying ZZZZs!)

Till next time,

Zoolu card game blog for kids

That's my name. Don't wear it out!