Chatterbox alert!

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Ahoy ye landlubbers, hoist the starboard sail and swab the salty deck! Pirate the parrot here and pleased to meet you, meet to please you, sometimes I talk so fast, me words sail up the mast, but the main thing is that I’m a parrot and I won’t jump on ye shoulder till ye give me the claws up! I like to walk the plank, then fly off the end into the deep blue sea. That’s just fer dramatic effect. I always come back and when I’m not walking the plank I like walking on cannonballs and walking on barrels, but mostly I like walking on crackers because crackers arrrrr crunchy and crackers arrrr munchy and crackers arrrrr me favourite salty seadog snack, even though I’m not a sea dog. Arrrr give me a cracker any time o’ the day, crack open ye treasure chest and fish out a nice crunchy cracker eh?! Arrr, did someone say “cracker”? I do like crackers, that’s fer sure. I might just go and explore, see if I can find a cracker. Squawk!!! What do you get if you cross a cat with a parrot? A carrot! Haha harrrr, that’s a good one, but not as good as a cracker… Arrrrr I do like a crackers…

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