Ssssmelly sssnake

Viper the snake - Zoolu Card Game character

Greetingsss, it’s ssso nice to sssee you. Do lean in a little clossser, there’sss nothing to be ssscared of. A bit of halitosisss (that’sss a sssspecial word for ‘bad breath’) never hurt anyone….

It’sss true, my breath may not be fresh, but my ssscales are sssplendid. You sssee, I have jussst shed my ssskin and I feel sssuperb. Usss sssnakes ssslip off our outer layer of ssskin as we grow. Young sssnakes outgrow our ssskin faster than you outgrow ssschool shoes! Of courssse, I haven’t much need for ssschoool shoes, myssself…

Ssspeaking of ssschool, I’d better go and practise my sssums. Mathssss is my favourite sssubject. Except for hissstory of course!

Sssssso long,

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