A monster banquet

zoolu haunted halloween mystery kids party

Grrrrrr-eetings! Kung here - master chef of the first order.

Well, Halloween came early for the Zoolu crew when I pulled some spooky treats out of my chef's hat for a party (or should that be p-arghhhh-ty?). 

The banquet table was freakishly full, so without further ado, I present...

The Zoolu Halloween Mystery Banquet! 

zoolu spider snot popcorn halloween party food kids

Spider snot popcorn: Eight times as green as normal popcorn!

zoolu cheese straw skeleton halloween party food kids

Mr Bones: The cheese straw skeleton that dances off the table into tummies

batty broomsticks halloween party food kids

Batty broomsticks: Magicked up from pretzels, chives and cheese

zoolu halloween party food kids
Bowl o' blood: Aka tomato sauce, this one is a dipper for spooky delights

zoolu yummy mummies cupcakes halloween party food kids

Yummy mummy cupcakes: For the sweet tooth... errr... fang

zoolu scary fairy bread halloween party food kids

Scary bread: Fairy bread dyed green to terrify tiny tongues

zoolu chocolate halloween party food kids

Eerie eyeballs and pumpkin heads: Bite-sized snacks for choccie monsters

zoolu halloween party food kids fruit healthy

Watermelon witches hats: "Abracadabra crush, turn this snack into mush!"

zoolu halloween party food kids drinks

And to drink - a cauldron full of spider cider, bat's brew, bone juice and zombie tonic (soda and soft drink). Slurrrrrp!

Then for a second bite of the banquet - zombie fingers (spring rolls) and monster munchies (party pies) marched onto the menu.

And now for the truly scary part - empty plates. Arrghhhhh! Food so fine could never last forever (unlike vampires), so once the feast was finished, the Zoolu crew devoured some party games instead.

zoolu musical ghouls halloween party game kids

Musical Ghouls: Musical Islands with ghosts...

zoolu pass the parcel halloween party game kids

Pass The Mummy: Pass The Parcel with bandages...

zoolu dare to dip halloween party game kids

And Dare To Dip: A mystery box with creepy crawlies... 

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