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Zoolu Card Game

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Created in Australia, Zoolu can be played anytime and anywhere. It relegates boredom to a far-off land, is a great kids' gift and makes babysitting a cinch (hello grandparents). So how does it play?

Well, the aim of Zoolu is to collect a full set of animal-themed Wild! Cards in one Colour or Type. Target Cards tell each player what card variety they have to collect, and Kaos! Cards introduce that element of surprise as players swap, swipe, stockpile and surrender cards. 

It's also really fun. 

Ages and players

Zoolu is for ages 7+ and 2 to 4 players. Each game contains 86 quality cards and a rulebook. 

To play with ages 3+, just remove the Kaos! Cards and collect animal cards. Zoolu can also be played as a game of Memory or Snap (with littlies matching colours or patterns). 

And to play with 5 to 8 people, just combine two Zoolu decks. Party at ours!