Frequently asked questions

Q: Is Zoolu Card Game just for children?
A: No. Zoolu is a family game, which means parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and neighbours from down the street will get into the game. The Kaos! Cards introduce strategy to keep all the little grey cells interested.

Q: Can kids younger than seven play Zoolu?
A: Yes. Just take out the Kaos! Cards and kids aged three and up will love collecting Wild! Card sets (the Target Cards tell them what Colour or Type to go for). Then as soon as they can read, or have a grown-up to help them, put the Kaos! Cards back in and play Zoolu the traditional way.

Q: How many people can play the game?
A: One Zoolu Card Game is for two to four players, or combine two Zoolu packs to play with five to eight people.
Just mix both sets of Target Cards together, then combine all the remaining Wild! and Kaos! Cards. The rulebook explains how many cards to deal out, depending on the number of players.

Q: How many cards are in a Zoolu Card Game?
A: There are 86 cards – 20 Target Cards, 13 Kaos! Cards and 53 Wild! Cards. Each card measures 63mm x 88mm.