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Zoolu family card game for kids

Now for the introductions. Here are the 26 animals being collected in the game - from the cute and mild to the decidedly wild.

Once you've met the tribe, safari on over to their Blog, written especially for the kids.  

Zoolu family card game for kids

Think pink

Get the party started with ZANE the zebra. This guy skips the light fantastic and rocks a Mohawk like he just don't care. 

Next up is HAMMY the famously unfamous pig! He likes hamming it up for the cameras, movie star-style, but hasn’t exactly hit the big time… 


Zoolu family card game for kids flamingo hippo animal characters

FLYNN might be hot pink, but he’s one chilled out flamingo. If you need him, he’s by the pool, catching some rays.

Hide kiddo's lunchbox because HETTY has a hippo-sized appetite. She’ll eat pretty much anything - except pink marshmallows. 

Zoolu family card game for kids elephant animal character
Let's hug it out! 
AIMEE the elephant has a heart as big as Hawaii and gives cuddles like they’re going out of fashion. 












Zoolu family card game for kids octopus animal character

Barrack for blue

Over in the blue team, MAX the octopus thinks chores are a bore. He’s eight times lazier than the average octopus and has got the whole 'relax to the max' thing sorted. 

Zoolu family card game for kids cow snail animal charactersWatch out world. BESSIE
 is a semi-professional prankster, which means egg - actually, milk - on faces. 

ZIPPY MCSLIPPY is an elite athlete in the shape of a snail. She’s fit, fast and finishes first. Winners are grinners!

Zoolu family card game for kids shark bluebird animal charactersMS FINN
 is the school teacher proving that shark jokes are worse than dad jokes. Laugh along or she'll get snappy…

BELLA the bluebird is kind of a big deal. She’s lead singer in a girl band called Tweet, and this celebirdy is sweet, sweet, sweet!

Zoolu family card game for kids crocodile animal character



Go with green

Say "g'day" to BIG AL - a surfie saltwater croc from Down Under. He’s cool as a cucumber and green as one too.  

Zoolu family card game for kids parrot turtle animal charactersPIRATE the parrot could talk underwater with a mouthful of crackers. So, ummm, where is this guy's Mute button?

SHELTON likes to keep a low profile (despite the shell). If you need him, he's in a book nook reading a hardcover. 

Zoolu family card game for kids snake frog animal charactersSLIMY
 is the leap-frog king! Once he starts hopping, there's no stopping this pocket rocket, so give the guy some room. No-one wants a close encounter with frog slime.

VIPER's mum needs to have a word with her about dental hygiene. This snake looks scary, but her breath is way worse than her bite!

Zoolu family card game for kids horse animal character

Collect white

Sure, HERCULES looks like a horse, but this dude is a night owl. He’ll party from dusk till dawn without a yawn. Hip hip hoo-neighhhh


Zoolu family card game for kids cat rat animal charactersKAT’s
future is so bright, she’s gotta wear shades. Housecat by day and detective by night, this kitty is on the case. Except when she's cat-napping behind the Ray-Bans.

RASCAL the rat plays card games 24/7 and thinks rules are overrated. Cheese, on the other hand is not. Especially triple cream brie. 

Zoolu family card game for kidsPAMMY is a couch potato in the shape of a panda. She just ran a TV marathon and thinks black and white is the best. Go figure. 

QUEEN BEATRICE might be rabbit royalty, but she's no princess. She loves digging holes and she digs munching carrots!

Zoolu family card game for kids giraffe animal character

Overload on orange

Go hero with CAPTAIN KAOS! This giraffe has two superpowers - bendy neck and stretchy tongue - but isn't exactly reliable when it comes to saving the planet from supervillains... 


Zoolu family card game for kids goldfish tiger animal charactersFIZZY the goldfish has a sparkly personality and is great with dates, but not so good at remembering other stuff. Like what she just said.

KUNG can crush garlic with his bare paw, slice a tomato with his tail and this tiger's signature dish is karate chops. When it gets hot in Kung’s kitchen, ninja roll right out of there. 

Zoolu family card game for kids dog orangutan animal charactersKROOZER is one daredevil dawg. Catch him if you can – he’s faster than any hound around and Danger is his middle name. 

NANA is an oldie and a goodie. This orangutan is a senior citizen with bananas on the brain. Literally. 


Zoolu family card game for kids chameleon animal character 

Go with the flow

Meet a chameleon called WANDA. This kooky critter changes her mind and colour all the time, so she's just like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get...