How to play

Zoolu family card game for kids

Playing Zoolu is easy peasy lemon squeezy. Start with these step-by-step instructions and for any questions, consult the rulebook.

1. Collect some players

Grab two, three or four people for a game (or five to eight players when combining two Zoolu decks). 

2. Get a shuffle on

The dealer splits the deck into one pile of Target Cards and one pile of Wild! Cards and Kaos! Cards mixed together (the ‘pick-up pile’). Then they shuffle each pile like it's Casino Royale. 

3. Secret squirrel

Each player is dealt one Target Card, showing what Wild! Card Colour or Type they have to collect. After sneaking a peek, each person puts their Target Card face-down on the table. 

4. Ready, set...

Everyone is dealt cards from the pick-up pile (how many cards depends on how many players). It's a good plan to sort cards into Colours and Types in your hand (flipping cards upside down for Types).

5. GO!

The youngest player starts the first game (yessssss!). Take turns picking up one card, then discarding one card into the middle. A card can be taken from the pick-up pile or the top of the discard pile.

6. Roll with it

When a player discards a Kaos! Card, they have to do what it says (eg 'skip a turn'). And if a Kaos! Card impacts another player, that person has to wear the consequences.

7. On target

Each player tries to collect a full set of the Wild! Cards they need (eg, all Cruisy cards). And when a person has one last card to collect, they have to share the happy news and say, “Going Wild!”

8. Seal the deal

A player wins when they pick up that lucky last card and discard the one they don't need. They announce, “I’m Wild!” and show everyone their full set and matching Target Card. Victory dance optional. 

For sweet young things...

To play Zoolu with ages 3+, just take the Kaos! Cards out of the deck and collect sets of Wild! Cards according to each player's Target Card. 


 Zoolu family card game for kids