What's the deal?

Zoolu family card game for kids

Playing Zoolu is a great chance to hold an elephant, shuffle a shark and yell, "I'm Wild!" without the family getting worried! Here's how the game works...  

Zoolu family card game for kids

Wild! Cards

The aim of Zoolu is to collect a full set of animal-themed WILD! CARDS

Wild! Cards come in five different Colours – Green, Blue, Orange, White and Pink – and five Types – Cheeky, Freaky, Zany, Cutesy and Cruisy. 

Each pack also has three CHAMELEON WILD! CARDS that can be any Colour or Type.  

Zoolu family card game for kidsTarget Cards

And how do players know what to collect? Good question. 

TARGET CARD tells each person what to go for. And if two people get the same Target Card, the heat is on!   

 Zoolu family card game for kids

Kaos! Cards

There are also 13 KAOS! CARDS in the mix. Lucky for some, unlucky for others, they're all action.

So flex those fingers, shuffle the pack, sort out a strategy and get set to go wild! 

Zoolu for ages 3+

To play with younger kids, remove the Kaos! Cards and collect animal cards based on each person's Target Card.

Zoolu can also be played as a game of Memory or Snap, and is a great way to teach sight words. C-H-E-E-K-Y.

Zoolu family card game for kids

Get animated

Watch this Youtube to see the game in cartoon form!