Tricks up sleeves

Zoolu family card game for kids

Winning a game of Zoolu takes more than just luck. Out-fox the competition with a little thing called 'strategy'...

1. Mix things up

First up, take a look at the back of other players' Wild! Cards. People usually hold Type cards upside down and Colour cards the right way up - but not the Zoolu professional!

Confuse the competition by holding all cards the same way up. Or go random with some Colour cards upside down and some Type cards the right way up. 

Better still, squash all the cards close together so the Wild! Card logos are hidden and no-one knows if the cards are upside down or not. Genius. 

2. Play those cards right

If a Kaos! Card tells a player to discard more than one card, carefully choose the order cards are put down in. Translation: Don’t leave a card people want on top!

3. All in the timing

It won’t score a player popularity points, but… one technique is to hold onto Kaos! Cards until they’ll do the most damage. Is another player ‘Going Wild!’? Then play a ‘Swap your Target Card’ Kaos! Card on them. Ouchies. 

4. The waiting game

If a player is holding a Kaos! Card they don't like, hang onto it. If the player goes ‘Wild!’ it will be the last card put down and the person won’t have to do what it says. Nicely played.


Zoolu family card game for kids